Research activities

This section presents the main research activities of the CPSV.


- International Conference Virtual Cities and Territories (CTV)

In 2004, it promoted and organized the 1st International Conference Virtual Cities and Territories (CTV), Barcelona-2004, as a meeting place to present developments in virtual models and tools for representing the built environment. This has continued, alternately, between Europe and Latin America, organized by the CPSV of the UPC, with the support of the International Network of Architecture, City and Environment (also an initiative of the CPSV) and local organizing committees. Maintaining its initial spirit, various social and environmental issues have been incorporated, always with an impact on the territorial and urban areas. Its proceedings are published in the Open Access Journal, free access, and consultation.


- ACE: Architecture, City and Environment Journal

In 2006 it created the ACE: Architecture, City and Environment Journal, dedicated to the study of human habitat, from its broadest perspectives, both macro and micro, and in its technological and social meanings. It is published quarterly in the Open Access Journal, with free access and consultation. Its existence and continuity is due to the work of the Center for Land Policy and Valuations (CPSV) of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and all the people who collaborate in it. It is co-published by the University of Guadalajara through its Doctorate in City, Territory, and Sustainability, its master's degree in Processes and Graphic Expression in Urban Architectural Design and the Center for Research on the Environment and Territorial Planning.