Informative session on the Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Sustainability, CPSV-UPC

On Tuesday 2023-09-12, between 6:00 P.M. and 7:30 P.M., will be held an informative session on this master’s degree.

In this session on the master’s degree in Urban Planning and Sustainability (CPSV-UPC), carried out by professors Blanca Arellano Ramos and Josep Roca Cladera, directors of the master's degree, the modular offer programs of this program will also be informed.

- Postgraduate in Urban Environment and Sustainability

- Postgraduate in Territorial Planning

- Lifelong learning course in Urban Climate and Climate Change

- Lifelong learning course in Regional and Urban Planning

- Lifelong learning course in Sustainable Urbanism



The session will be done online using the Google Meet tool and is indicated for all those who want to know the details of the program and its modular offer and want to answer questions.

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