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GVUA TFMs with Mention of Excellence ETSAB

Our students Martzel Arriaga Irazabal and Mikel Berra Sandin have obtained this distinction in their 2022 edition
GVUA TFMs with Mention of Excellence ETSAB

In the context of the Mention of Excellence, awarded to the outstanding Final Courses (TFE) of all the ETSAB degrees, these two students from the line of Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation of the MBArch, coordinated from the CPSV, responsible for which is Dr. Carlos Marmolejo Duarte.







The works are:


Incidencia de la pacificación vial sobre el tejido comercial y actividades a pie de calle en el distrito barcelonés del Eixample: análisis de evolución comercial en un contexto de regulación de usos

Student: Arriaga Irazabal, Martzel

Supervisor: Roca Cladera, Josep


¿Por qué consumimos suelo? Evolución y transformación de suelo urbano en Europa: 2000-2018

Student: Berra Sandin, Mikel

Supervisor: Roca Cladera, Josep


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