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CPSV’s participation at PLEA 2022

The CPSV, through its researchers Rolando Biere Arenas, Mar Pérez Cambra, and Zheng Qianhui, has participated in the PLEA 2022.
CPSV’s participation at PLEA 2022

The 36th edition of the PLEA CONFERENCE, SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN DESIGN. Will cities survive? (2022), organized by the "European Regional Science Association" and as local organizer the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, was held in Santiago de Chile, between November 22 and 25, 2022, at the UC Extension center.


On this occasion, more than 300 papers have been presented, in 25 thematic sessions online and 35 face-to-face, and more than 450 researchers have participated. The papers presented by the CPSV have been the following:





Practice and evaluation of sponge city strategies for flash flooding mitigation in Mediterranean coastal cities: a case study of El Poblenou, Barcelona

Zheng, Qianhui; Roca, Josep



Water Sensitive Urban Design Systems Thermal Behavior II: Thermal Analysis of WUD’s Which Do Not Retain Water

Pérez Cambra, María del Mar; Martínez Santafé, María Dolors; Roca Cladera, Josep


One-Stop-Shops as a Model to Manage Housing Energy Retrofit. A General Approach to Europe and Spain

Marmolejo-Duarte, Carlos; Biere-Arenas, Rolando; Spairani-Berrio, Silvia; Spairani-Berrio, Yolanda; Pérez-Lamas, Carlos


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