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ACE Journal, issue 48, publication

On last February 28th, issue 48 of the ACE: Architecture, City and Environment journal, was published. It is edited by the CPSV, and is indexed on SCOPUS-SJR, & at WoS JCR-JCI, at Q2 of Architecture, and Urban Studies areas, in both indicators.
ACE Journal, issue 48, publication

"Architecture, City and Environment" is the name that seeks to reflect the open spirit of this journal dedicated to the study, from the broadest perspective of human habitat, both in its macro and micro levels, as well in its technological and social sense. ACE is a window for the diffusion of the different disciplines that carry out the architectural, urbanistic, and territorial investigations. It is open to new study approaches and designed to disseminate the results in the languages that are familiar to us and that, without forgetting English, we must strengthen.


With this issue, the journal reaches 16 years of uninterrupted publication every four months. This time 16 articles have been published, the vast majority international.